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    The W3U Format is based in JSON, an acronym for JavaScript Object Notation, a light text format for data interchange. JSON is a subset of literal notation of JavaScript objects. Today is considered an independent language format due to its broad adoption as an alternative to XML.

    The most widespread use of the W3U files consists of loading lists of video and audio links via different apps, this is an evolution of the M3U with much more possibilities. The W3U format must be written in UTF-8 without BOM and saved as .w3u.

    The basic structure of the file contains the following attributes:

    Attributes about the W3U list itself.

    “name”: Name of the list.

    “url”: Link to the list that will be used to synchronize future changes.

    “author”: This indicates who created the list.

    “contact”: Author’s e-mail address.

    “info”: Basic HTML with extra information about the list.

    “stations”: List (array) of multimedia links. The name of the attribute represents the metaphor of how the different links can be compared to the traditional TV or radio channels / stations.

    “groups”: List (array) of groups. The groups work as mini-lists W3U, they can host “stations” and other groups inside them.

    Attributes about the multimedia links (stations)

    “name”: <string> Content Title.

    “image”: Image URL.

    “url”: Link to the multimedia file host in the server.

    “isHost”: If the link does not take directly to the multimedia content, but to a web where the user plays the content, it will be indicated using this parameter to notify the app of this circumstance.

    “referer”: If the multimedia links requires a referred link to be uploaded, it will be indicated here.

    “parental”: For apps that require this, we can indicate if the link will be blocked by the parental control.

    “subtitle”: URL to a subtitle file.srt o .ass.

    “audio”: [true/false] By default, apps interpret multimedia links as video content, unless we specify otherwise in this section.

    They are represented using the following syntax.


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